Kids Menu

12 Years and Younger, Includes 12 Oz. Drink, Served with Rice and Beans

One Enchilada w/ Rice and Beans $6.69

One enchilada (beef, chicken, or cheese), served with rice and beans.

One Crispy Taco w/ Rice and Beans $6.69

One crispy (beef or chicken) with lettuce, tomatoes, and cheese, served with rice and beans.

Two Mini Cheeseburgers $6.69

Two mini cheeseburgers, served with french fries. 

Three Chicken Strips $6.69

Three chicken strips with french fries and queso. 

Fajita w/ Rice and Beans $6.69

Beef or Chicken Fajita with Rice and Beans. 

Cheese Quesadillas $6.69

Three cheese quesadillas served with rice and beans. 

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