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Fajita Nachos
 Bean & cheese nachos topped with grilled beef or chicken fajita, sour cream and jalapenos
Half order 5.99 full 9.49

Table side Guacamole
 Freshly made at your table with fresh Serrano Peppers Herbs and spices 8.99

Grilled flour tortillas stuffed with Mexican cheese served fresh salsa and sour cream chicken or ground beef 8.49

Bean and Cheese Nachos
Crispy corn tortilla halves layered with refried beans & cheese and served with jalapenos 5.99

Jaime's Super Nachos
Bean and cheese nachos topped with ground beef, lettuce, and tomatoes. Served with sour cream and guacamole 9.49

Chile Con Queso
Rich creamy cheese sauce served with tortilla chips
Bowl - 6.99
Cup - 4.29

Large Guacamole
7 ounces of blended avocado, tomato, onion, cilantro, and lime 3.69


Salad dressings: SJ's own Cilantro Ranch, Blue Cheese, Homemade Ranch, 1000 Island, Italian, Balsamic Vinaigrette and Creamy Casesar

Dinner Salad
 Fresh tossed green salad with croutons, cucumber slices, tomato wedges and sliced onion 3.99
With beef or chicken fajita 6.99

Cobb A Cabana
 Fresh tossed salad topped with rows of grilled chicken, boiled egg, bacon, queso fresco, tomatoes, fresh cilantro and avocado 8.99

Taco Salad
 A giant flour tortilla shell filled with a crisp tossed salad topped with rice, beans, cheese, sour cream & guacamole choice of dressing.  |Chicken or Beef 8.49 | Chicken or Beef fajita 9.99|

Gema's Lettuce Wraps
Fresh Leaf Lettuce filled with shredded cabbage, tomato, and avocado slices. Served with Mango Salsa. Your Choice- Beef fajita, Chicken fajita, or veggie. 7.49 |Grilled or Fried Fish 7.99 |Shrimp 9.49|


Enchiladas served with rice, beans and flour tortilla

Beef Enchiladas
Three red corn tortillas filled with Seasoned Ground Beef and covered in Traditional Meat Sauce wiht Beef and Cheese 8.49

Chicken Enchiladas
 Three chicken enchiladas covered in our creamy mushroom sauce and white cheese 8.499

Cheese Enchiladas
 Three Cheese Enchiladas covered in our Traditional Sauce 7.49

Green Enchiladas
 Three Chicken Enchiladas smothered in a Spinach Verde Sauce topped white cheese and cilantro 8.49

Enchiladas del Mar 
Three Shrimp and Crab enchiladas smothered in SJ's own Gulf Coast sauce and a blend of Mexican cheeses 10.49


Fajitas served with rice, beans and flour tortillas

Beef Fajitas
 Sizzling Premium Beef fajita marinated in special seasonings served with grilled sweet onions and peppers 10.99

Botana Platter
 Beef and chicken fajitas, grilled shrimp, applewood bacon and smoked sausage served with grilled onions, mushrooms and peppers serves two 29.99

Chicken Fajitas
 Sizzling tender and juicy whole breast meat served with grilled sweet onions and peppers 10.99

Mixed Fajitas
 Chicken and Beef Fajitas served on a Sizzling Skillet with Grilled Sweet Onions and Peppers 10.99 For two 21.99

Fajitas Especiales
Chicken or Beef Fajitas topped with a Spicy Cream Sauce served on a Sizzling Skillet with Grilled Onions and Red Peppers 12.99 | For two 25.99 |

Tropical Fajitas
 Premium beef fajitas marinated in pineapple juice, drizzled with creamy chipotle sauce and topped with grilled pineapple 12.99 or 25.99 for two

Add fresh avocado $1.99


Sandwiches served with SJ's seasoned battered fries

Mexican Hamburger
 1/3 pound all beef patty with smoked ham slices, applewood bacon, sliced avocados pico de gallo 7.99

Fajita Cheese Steak
 Tender Fajita Strips grilled with Sweet onions and jalapenos covered with shredded white cheese and chili con queso served on a sourdough bun 8.49


Caldo Talpeno
Spanish Rice, Charro Beans, and Shredded Chicken topped with Monterrey Jack Cheese, Cilantro and Fresh Avocado Chunks
Cup 4.39  Bowl 7.49

Caldo de Pollo
 Chicken with Vegetable soup served with Spanish Rice and Pico de Gallo
Cup 4.39 Bowl 7.49

Mexican Specialties

Carne Guisada
 Tender beef chunks cooked in a tasty seasoned gravy served with rice and beans and flour tortillas 8.99

 Giant flour tortilla filled with (Chicken or Ground Beef) stuffed with Beans, lettuce, tomatoes and sour cream with traditional meat sauce and cheese served with rice 7.99

Crispy Taco Platter
 Three crunchy corn tortillas filled with Beef or Shredded Chicken topped with lettuce, tomato and cheese with a side of Cabbage Salad and avocado served with Rice & Beans 7.99

Tacos Mexicanos
 Five mini tacos (Carne Asada or Pork Carnitas) on corn tortillas served with fresh lime wedges, cabbage salad, cilantro and grilled onions 8.49

Pollo Monterey
 Grilled Chicken Breast topped with a Fire Roasted Red Pepper, Monterrey Jack Cheese and Applewood Bacon Slices served with Rice and Grilled Vegetables 8.49

Puffy Tacos
Two ground beef or shredded chicken puffy tacos with rice and choice of beans 6.49

Combination Plates

  Deluxe Combo
 Two Enchiladas (Beef, Chicken or cheese) side of Carne Guisada and a chicken fajita taco served with rice, beans and flour tortillas 11.99

Flaco Plato
 One Enchilada (Beef, Chicken or Cheese) One crispy taco (Beef or chicken) and one chalupa 8.29

Jaime's Plato
One enchilada, (Beef, chicken, or cheese) one crispy taco (beef or chicken) and rice & beans.  7.49

Taco Plato
One beef fajita taco with refried beans & cheese and one chicken fajita taco with applewood bacon, onions, avocado slices, a side of rice, and cilantro ranch dressing.  7.49

Chile Rellenos
One Poblano Pepper stuffed with ground meat and potatoes, topped with Monterrey Jack Cheese and salsa ranchera.  Comes with rice, beans, and lettuce and tomato salad.  6.99
Add one enchilada (cheese, beef, or green).  8.49


Steaks served with grilled vegetables and seasoned potatoes or fries

Peppers Stuffed Chopped Steak
 Jumbo seasoned ground beef patty filled with jalapenos and seasonings topped with shredded cheese and grilled sweet onions 9.99

      12oz Ribeye Steak
You'll love this classic favorite juicy 12oz USDA Choice cut steak with great marbling and natural flavor 17.99

8 oz Sirloin
A smaller steak rich in flavor.  11.99

Add a side salad with any steak entree only 1.99


Diablo Shrimp
 6 Jumbo Tender Shrimp cooked in a devilishly hot salsa served with Rice, beans and flour tortillas 12.99

Camaron al Mojo de Ajo
 6 Large Gulf Shrimp smothered with Roasted Garlic butter on a bed of marinated Cabbage and served with Grilled Vegetables and Elote 13.49

 Mexican Shrimp Cocktail
 Mexican Style Sweet & Tangy tomato sauce with boiled shrimp, cilantro, tomato, onions, and fresh avocado chunks served with saltine crackers and lemon wedges |Regular 6.99 | Grande 10.99|

Fish Tacos
 Three corn tortilla tacos stuffed with grilled or fried Tilapia and shredded cabbage served with rice, charro beans, chimayo sauce and mango salsa 9.49

Blackened Tilapia with SJ's own Gulf Coast Sauce
 Pan seared Tilapia fillet blackened and topped with a creamy shrimp and crab sauce served with rice and vegetables 11.99


 Mexican Style Roasted Corn mixed with Mexican seasonings, and parmesan cheese 2.49

Grilled Vegetables
 Sliced Zucchini, Yellow Squash, onions and tomatoes grilled with a rich Butter Sauce 2.99

Flour Tortillas
 Three to an order .99 One dozen to go 3.99

Seasoned Potatoes
 Red Potato Chunks steamed with Butter and herbs seasoning 2.49

Charro Beans
 Mexican Style home cooked whole Pinto Beans 1.69

Spanish Rice
 Traditional recipe 1.49


Frozen Key Lime Margarita
 (Adults Only) Jaime's own creation.  Make with Grand Marnier Liquor and Jose Quervo Tequilla.  Served in a margarita glass topped with whipped cream.  5.99

 Mexican Custard smooth as velvet with a deep rich flavor choose from: Regular and pumpkin 4.49

Strawberry Nachos
 Crispy Flour tortillas dusted with Cinnamon and Sugar layered with Strawberries smothered in glaze and whipped topping 6.99

 A hot sweet puffy pastry treat sprinkled with Sugar and Served with Honey 4.99
Walnut Brownie Cheesecake
Oreo cookie crust, cheesecake with walnut brownie pieces, covered with melted chocolate, and garnished with whipped cream.  5.99
Tres Leches
A classic Mexican dessert made with 3 milks, topped with mango whipping cream, fresh mango, and sliced strawberries.  5.49

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